Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Off the rails

See these foil-wrapped serving dishes in my oven -- and yes, I know, there are charred crumbs from a frozen pizza in there, but I have not been well, remember? And shouldn't be required to clean out the oven when feeling feverish -- heating themselves up at three hundred fifty degrees?

Those are leftovers from last night and they're heating up because I feel like poo on a cracker and I just couldn't bring myself to put together the chicken pot pie that was slated for today's Menu Plan Monday entrée. So! I am reheating the Baked Steak and the cauliflower casserole I made, plus I carelessly peeled a few potatoes because if anything can reconcile my husband to the unwelcome notion of "leftovers," it is the common Idaho potato in its mashed form. Plus I just had Meelyn throw a sheet of store-bought croissants in there and if everybody's not okay with that, I guess there's always cereal and milk.

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