Saturday, March 13, 2010

In which I receive hate mail from a Twi-hard

The other day I checked my InsomniMom email and was (sort of) surprised to see that a fangirl -- and not a fangirl of mine, let me assure you -- read my review of Breaking Dawn and took umbrage. Great umbrage.

She did a not-very-good job of defending Bella -- Bella!! -- as the smartest, most courageous and independent heroine in modern literature and then told me that I was the biggest, dumbest, meanest, dumbest, stupidest, meanest butt-headed-est mean person of dumbness in, like, the whole world for not thinking that Stephenie Meyer should be elected president of the United States and Canada.

The way she wrote -- the grammar, the punctuation, the excessive use of exclamation points -- and the way she set up her arguments pro-Bella 'n' Edward and her total lack of understanding of the purpose of a book review ("If you dont' [sic] like it, than [sic] just dont' [sic] read it!!!!!!! [sic]" perfectly illustrated every reason why I think these books are absolutely horrible things for girls to read.

It made me really sad.

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Katie said...

Uh, how are you supposed to KNOW whether or not you like it if you don't read it?

Twilight hate mail, love it! Haha!