Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cute little ugly baby

This is the best picture I've ever taken of Dobby since we got him a month ago, mostly because he is so rarely still that every time I point the camera at him, he immediately starts whirling around like a spinning top as if he's trying to find the best pose: "This way? How about this way? Like this? Or did you like this one better? Wait! I've got a whole new one...."

He was sunbathing on the couch in this pic, looking dapper in his blue plaid sweater. I adore his pink nose and his sticky-up ears and especially that little wrinkled hairy chin. We kiss him ten thousand times a day and coo over him with disgustingly syrupy baby talk and always make sure that his jaunty winter jacket -- the one with the faux fur-lined hood -- is securely velcroed up so that hims won't get a chill on him's widdle chest, 'cause we don't want that Mister Baby Sweetie-sugar to gets sickies, now do we?



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Kayte said...

Pippin and Vash are laughing hysterically at that sweater. I think I heard the word "weeny" come out of their Just kidding, he looks very cute, and oh so comfy! Tibbies have so much fur it would be a crime to cover that up with a sweater...they are a sweater!