Monday, December 6, 2010

So many questions

I have been blogging at Blogger for four years now and recently it hasn't been very fun. There have been some changes -- "upgrades," that's what some people call them -- that were made because....things were working out just fine but maybe they could be finer? Which, to one of my curmudgeonly mind simply begs the question WHY FIX IT IF IT ISN'T BROKEN?

So blogging has been less fun for a while. There was a new way to post images which was just awful. Mostly because it didn't work very well. At first I thought it didn't work very well because I'm a little bit stupid, so I went to Blogger's help section only to find about a million other people's desperate messages: "Help me, please! I was trying to post images on my blog and my computer froze up!" and "All I wanted to do was put some pictures on my blog of my daughter's graduation/my grandbaby's baptism/the twelve point buck I shot/the Loch Ness monster and then everything went dark and will you please send someone into the internet with a dog, a rope and a lantern and get me out of here?"

For a moment, I felt very relieved because look! I AM NOT STUPID. I was happy about that until I realized that, stupid or not, I still couldn't post pictures.

Finally, I found an explanation of how to go back to the way things were before when they actually worked to the old way of posting images and so I did that, but it only works intermittently now, meaning that it took me three tries to post that image of the question marks you see up there. do see it, don't you? Because the other thing that's been happening is that my images keep being eaten right off my blog by, I don't know, a hungry bandwidth image-chomping gremlin? Today I logged on to make a post about Nanny and Poppy's Christmas tree decorating party and found that my profile picture is completely gone! And that really irked me because I know everyone thinks that this blog is probably written by some gorgeous former Victoria's Secret model-turned-suburban mom, but I wanted people to see me for who I am, which is short and pumpkin shaped and....


Never mind.

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