Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Sleigh Ride" -- now with more SledCam

I really love Johnny Mathis' version of the song "Sleigh Ride" anyway, so this hilarious home video set to the jaunty tune makes a good thing even better. According to the old Saturday Night Live skit, "more cowbell" is what some tunes need to make them more appealing, but I believe I can say, definitively, that what many songs need is a little bit of SledCam in the video version.

So! If you are a person who enjoys sledding down hills on those big saucers (my favorite kind as a child, on the hill behind Grandad and Ma's house), and especially if you enjoy holding a video recorder while spinning merrily around and around as the little mogels on the hill take you, and obviously if you're the kind of person who never gets motion sickness, no matter what, I think you'll like this cute and festive video.

Although it occurs to me that the old Surfari's tune "Wipeout" might possibly have been a better pick.

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