Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wish I could find it

I've had to sleep on the couch sitting upright like some kind of bizarre doll for the past four nights so that I can breathe and cough in relative comfort. It's been just so great and it's done WONDERFUL things for my Christmas spirit. As you can imagine. Meh.

Anyway, to keep me company through the long, lonely nights, I've turned on Comcast's Sounds of the Season and I've been flopped in front of the television like a zombie reading the little bits of Christmas trivia they put on the screen while each song is playing -- for instance, do you know that in the Norway, the children's gifts are delivered by Nisse, who is a gnome or elf with goat-like features, which is the only thing I can think of that could possibly be more disturbing than the idea of a gaudily dressed fat man climbing down the chimney into people's houses, but I digress -- and last night, I heard a Christmas song I've never heard before. I did a bunch of searching on the internet today to see if I could find it, but it is nowhere to be found.

The song was "Jolly Old St. Nicholas" sung by Marcel Marceau and it was a delight to the ear. It made me smile, even though I had coughed three thousand seven hundred sixty two times in a row and peed myself a little.

Zjholly uld Zaint Nee-ko-laas
lean your eayre zis way
Don'd you dell a zingle zoul
what I'm goeeng to zay

It was very sweet and I wanted to find a YouTube video to share, but I couldn't. So if you'd like to hear this very charming rendition of a classic Christmas song, you'll have to catch a mild case of pneumonia which will make you feel like crap so that you can try to sleep sitting up straight and watching Sounds of the Season, just like me.

Time's a-wastin' though, so please get your cable service provider changed to Comcast and then come over here and I'll cough vigorously on you. Merry Christmas!

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Amy said...

If I had a mild case of pneumonia -- and cable TV -- I would stay up at night watching The Food Network.