Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Meelyn has been driving us, like, everywhere.

She drove us home from the 4-H Fairgrounds on Sunday, which was a half-hour trip on a not-busy state highway. She drove us around town yesterday running errands to Goodwill and the Second Harvest Food Bank drop off (because of all the fires, flooding and tornado damage, they really, really need your donations; go to SecondHarvestFoodBank.org to find donation sites in your area) and then she drove us to go pick up my husband from work. On a medium-busy state highway.

We pulled into the parking lot of the dealership and saw my husband standing out front under the big portico with some colleagues, talking and spinning tales of the big sale that got away. Meelyn glided gently into a parking space and came to an easy stop, put the van in park and then tooted the horn twice to get her dad's attention. Everyone looked over at us, and when they saw Mee, they all went, "Whooooooaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

I have to say, it is really lovely being driven around. I feel like I wedge myself behind Anne's steering wheel about a thousand times a day, and it is very nice to sit as a passenger, talking to the girls and offering instruction to Meelyn: "You need to pick up your speed just a bit - we're in a 55mph zone now...You're coming up on a red light, so start braking easily and that way you won't have to step down hard and rock our heads forward....Do you remember what your instructor said was a safe distance to travel behind another vehicle at 55mph? Good!...."

She's really doing a great job and I didn't anticipate driving with her on a state highway for a few more weeks. Or, let's be honest, months. Because after all, I changed her diapers and fed her smashed peas from a little jar and I know there's no way she could be old enough to drive.

I'm pleased to say that she also took the Lesson Three test in the Math-U-See Pre-Algebra book yesterday and scored a B-.

So yesterday was a banner day for Miss Meelyn and my husband and I raved over her on the way home from the dealership until we heard a dry little voice from the rear seat say, "Okay. It's time to give a little praise to me, your youngest child, the cherished BABY OF THE FAMILY."

Aisling, Aisling, Aisling.....hee hee

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Kayte said...

Oh, yeah...my boys love those bits of instruction I offer while they are driving...LOL! NOT! "Yes, Mom...."

I can't wait to see M behind the wheel!

I'm outta here...breathing nothing but chlorine the next five days...yikes.