Thursday, July 31, 2008

OPINIONS?: Food processors

It has come to my attention, mostly through the subtle but determined prodding from Kayte, that I need a food processor. Plus there are those messy memories of whizzing about ten cups of my Whisk Wednesdays Leek & Potato Soup in my tiny food chopper to kind of nudge me in the direction of the appliance aisle at Target.

With a food processor, I'll be able to make homemade salsa, which is something my family would like me to do, because we can never find one that is tomatoey or jalapeno peppery enough for us. I could also make a pie crust, which would allow me to bake a Summer Fruit Galette from the Dorie Greenspan book Kayte peer-pressured me into buying. If you want to see why I should bake a galette, check out the pics from these Tuesdays with Dorie bakers and Whisk Wednesdays buddies: Kayte's site is Grandma's Kitchen Table and Natashya's is called Living in the Kitchen with Puppies. Sara's blog is The Wine-Maker's Wife and then there's Shari, our fearless Whisk Wednesdays leader, over at Whisk: a food blog.

Their photos will make you drool, so please cover your keyboard before clicking over.

Now can you see why I need a food processor? Because I am not a foodie and I can't even make the meager claim that I play one on TV. I don't have the mad skills necessary to "cut in" a pie crust by hand, and truthfully, I'm not even completely sure what that means. I do have a curvy thing with a handle that my mother told me was a "pastry cutter," but she's been using a food processor to make her fabulous pie crusts since I was about ten, so it could be a really small, handle-less sidewalk edger, for all she and I may know.

So anyhoo, I'm looking for a food processor and I can spend less than $40 on it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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sara said...

Lov eyour new blog layout! Kayte is terrible isn't she. Peer-preausre indeed. (Tee Hee, sorry Kayte, just kidding!) Hmm... I sugest you have a second wedding. Thats how I got my food processor. Or, check out Target.

Kayte said...

Peer pressure?? Really?? When??? JUST KIDDING...I just like having lots of fun players available and you and Sara are two of the funnest! (I know that isn't a word, but it sure sounds good here!)

Last week, I called Matt into the kitchen and said, "See this smoothie maker on the counter? See how much space it takes up? See how my food processor would go so nicely right there? See how convenient that would be for me each week instead of hauling it from down below? See how much stronger you are than am I? Well, Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff, Spot, I all voted that the smoothie maker be retired to the realm down below the counter, and the food processor be promotoed up. Thanks for your cooperation." That's how important that food processor has sits out all day now because of Whisk, TWD, and various other venues.

Get thee to Target...or garage sales are really good places to find them CHEAP as CARMEL HOUSEWIVES apparently have no idea what to do with a food processor. I will keep my eyes open for you.

Rosebear said...

Love your posts! LOL! Ok...I'm an eBay hussy. I price out what I want and then hunt it down. I have Le Cruset cookware, because I can afford eBay!! can get burned there if you aren't careful. Kayte is right...any good department store will have some element of a food processor. If you hunt eBay or garage sales, and can score a good Cuinsinart, you're in good shape. Most food processors can do a decent job, but will have parts that fail. My Moulinex has been through hell. My husband has dutifully rebuilt the shredder disk for me because the rivets sheared off years ago.'s been with me 27 years, and it's still kicking!