Monday, July 28, 2008

Drivers' education class complete!

Meelyn has completed her drivers' ed class with a B in the coursework and a B+ in the driving. She has a nice diploma-style certificate and some comment sheets from her teachers, who wrote glowing descriptions of how smart, nice and competent she was in the classroom and behind the wheel.

My husband and I are so proud of her and feel that she, with her cute hair and outfits and good attitude and attentiveness, scored positive points for homeschoolers in our community.

She is busy logging road hours in Applesauce Anne and drives us almost everywhere now. We did chicken out of letting her drive on the interstate yesterday, but other than that, I rarely have to bestir myself anymore, and felt slightly ill-used when I had to get in the van and TAKE MYSELF TO CVS the other day.

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Kayte said...

CONGRATULATIONS, M! I am eager to see you in action.