Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Toot!

The Tuesday Toot is a new thing I'm doing with through my affiliation with Blogamama. Toots are done weekly to celebrate the accomplishments of moms because moms are a modest group and won't admit to being able to do much of anything other than breathing and eating. We all do some bragging on our kids and lots of us do some bragging on our husbands, but if someone says, "Boy, your chocolate chip cookies are the best I've ever had," we tend to say things like, "Ohhh, no. Really. They taste like my dog baked them." Or if someone says, "That presentation was absolutely brilliant - you had them eating out of your hand," mommies respond, "That presentation? You've got to be joking. If you want to see a great presentation, you should take a look at the dinosaur diorama my third grader just turned in. Now that was a brilliant presentation."

So on Tuesdays, I'll be tooting with a bunch of other moms -- to read their toots, just click on the little graphic up there and enjoy. I spent some time reading at other mom blogs today and some are funny and some are inspiring and all are interesting. Moms can do the coolest things!

Here's my toot for Tuesday, July 22:

I wrote a small book about William Shakespeare's life and Catholic roots, with a little info about Elizabethan history and theater thrown in for makeweight. It's not very long, seeing as how it was meant to be an overview for middle school/high school students. As it is, it's pretty much non-publishable because there's not much of a market for a book like that, unless I publish it myself. Which, I don't know about that. But I love it. It's my very own literary baby and I'm proud of it.


Kelly said...

I love your blog and your Catholic Church Blog! I am the mother of four kids in their twenties! You have some great and creative ideas and some really different things and groups that I haven't seen in any of the blogs that I've looked at. I'm looking into whether we have a Catholic church has a blog.

That's a great idea and I'm so proud that you display it with such pride! I would/will do the same if Oklahoma City or my parish has one.

I'd be interested in your "non-published" book! My oldest son's girlfriend works for The Library of Congress and has a book published about Women Who Dare " Helen Keller". Her name is Aimee Hess. On my list of favorite blogs, a friend, Sarah Laurence is working on her third book right now, the other two are published. She just returned from Oxford England blogging in preparation for the publication of this book. Don't sell yourself short! I bet your book is good.

You might want to check out
Sarah Laurence's blog (link to it from my blog). I also have a friend from highschool who wrote a book about LBJ (she was a ghostwriter) the book is named Around the World with LBJ. Her name is Denise Gamino. We Catholics should help one another if possible. Hope to hear from you if your interested in any details about anything that I've written.

I like the groups and themes you have for different days of the week!


Shelley said...

Thank you so much, Kelly, for your nice comments about my little book. Seriously, it's like about twenty pages long. And that includes photos. I'll definitely check out the blogs you mentioned!

As for the Catholic thing -- I love being Catholic. I feel blessed every day that God led me down such a beautiful path.

Kayte said...

Toot, Toot! And Snaps for Shelley! (And, you thought I was not going to admit to watching Legally Blonde three times!)