Thursday, July 10, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: University Medical Acne Free Skin Care Treatment

Having two teenagers who react to one tiny pimple in a manner that suggests that their faces have erupted into one big, running sore, we know a lot about skin care products in this house.

We used to have a popular skin care regimen that advertises heavily on the 'net, in magazines and on television mailed to us at our house, but it just got too expensive. It worked, but it cost a lot.

The girls tried just about every benzoyl peroxide product on the market, all with limited success. The best I could summon from the results was a very half-hearted meh. Some didn't really work at all and some were okay, but none of them were worth the money.

Until we found University Medical Pharmaceutical's Acne Free Skin Care Treatment, that is. It is a three-step regimen for the face that comes cushioned in a cute little orange-and-white box (although not so cute that your son would refuse to use it), packaging that is somewhat reminiscent of that other skin care system I mentioned above, except for the color scheme.

The girls rate it an A+ for ease of use -- although you do have to use it if you want to see results, I cautioned them -- and I rate it an A+ for the price, which is about ten dollars less than that other system. I also appreciate the availability of this product, which we purchased at the CVS right down the street.

We all give it an A+ for results. Aisling was having some troubles with her forehead, which is exposed to more skin oils due to the fact that she has thick bangs. Meelyn occasionally suffers from problems with her chin because she sleeps with her cheek cradled in one hand. University Medical's treatment program has given them both clear, healthy-looking skin. Aisling's forehead is the most remarkable thing; it is as smooth and clear as the day she was born, even with her fringe covering it up.

Any little breakouts the girls have are minor and quickly dealt with. I really recommend giving this product a try. Apparently, it is available at many pharmacies other than just CVS. I believe we paid $20 for the set.

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Kayte said...

Now, if we can just find something that deals with "soaked in chlorine for 6 hours a day" skin, we will be all set! Thanks for the recommendation, Matt occasionally has a flare up and he will be delighted to know about this. I thought girls were vain...whoa, baby...don't hold back the drama awards for boys with a pimple or two...they run a very close tie with the girls!