Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Toot! (July 29)

Here's my Toot for Tuesday, July 29.

I can do algebra! Anyone who reads here knows that I am not a math person. I am such a non-math person that I still count on my fingers and never can remember if 8 + 6 is thirteen or fourteen. Or, fifteen? No, definitely not fifteen, but anyway, I told Meelyn that I'd do algebra with her for moral support when she started ninth grade. We're using the Math-U-See program, which has the world's dumbest name, but turns out to be a really excellent way to learn math. We've been going through the lessons and both of us are actually doing excellent work. I'm getting A's and so is she!

There were so many times after I told her I'd do algebra with her that I wanted to kick myself. Kick. My. Self. But now I'm very glad I've stuck with it because, strangely enough, it has given me a nice boost in self-confidence. Although my family would argue that higher self-esteem is not something I should be seeking. But what do THEY know? Probably not algebra, like me!


Kayte said...

What is not to love about algebra? It's so great...you are either right or NOT...none of this stuff where a teacher thinks maybe you should have worded something like this or that, etc. Love it, love it. Now you love it, right? Because it loves you!

Pamela Kramer said...

That's so awesome! Don't you just love trying to tackle stuff as an adult. For some reason it seems to mean more. LOL - Great job!

Shelley said...

Thanks, Pamela! Yes, I love trying to tackle stuff as an adult. Although sometimes it makes me kind of irritated with myself for being so thick the first time I tried to learn it, back when I was slumped in a desk in Mr. Abbott's class, reading The Thorn Birds behind my algebra text and surreptitiously putting on lip gloss. No wonder I didn't understand it!

Shelley said...

Kayte, I hear what you're saying about the right/not right ways of math, but you know I have always personally felt that math was OUT TO GET ME.