Thursday, December 10, 2009

All a-buzz with tickety happiness

Got an email from the travel agent today. She has ordered the theater tickets and reserved our places on the Costumes and Props Warehouse tour - I'm hoping to see Bottom's donkey head there. Wouldn't that be fun? There was no problem with the theater tickets or the Props and Costumes event, but unfortunately, the Festival Theater Backstage Tour was completely sold out, yes, SOLD OUT almost ten months in advance.

I am so relieved that we have places on the Costumes and Props tour, I have no emotion left over to be disappointed about the other one.

And the tickets! Our theater tickets! As You Like It and The Tempest, both shows in the evening with excellent seats. Invoice coming in next month with a 30% deposit to be paid. January is such a hideous month, it will be nice to have that to look forward to, knowing that we're that much closer to our eventual arrival in Stratford in terms of time and money.

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