Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas cheer

This is the staircase at our house, garlanded with greenery, a lot of white fairy lights and some shiny glass baubles, plus some candy cane ribbon around the balusters.

It took Meelyn and me about four hours to complete this job and we didn't kill each other while we were working, which we ALL KNOW is a very, very strong temptation when doing things like wallpapering, putting up Christmas decorations and planting shrubs. At least that's what it's like around here. Hopefully, you're all nicer people than we are. *sigh*

Anyway, I think it looks really nice. And considering that we are, like, the least Martha Stewart-y people on the planet, the kind of people that Martha would fire for even standing outside her offices with our noses pressed against the main door's glass, I think we did a fine job. I'm just glad this picture doesn't feature the huge brown extension cord that's hanging down the newel post to to the landing.


Amy said...

Very pretty!

Shari said...

This looks absolutely beautiful! I love it. You did a great jog in creating a lovely, homey, welcoming look. Have a great Christmas!

Kayte said...

It looks beautiful! I would just sit in that chair in that room and enjoy it every single night. Love the idea of the candy cane wrapped look...so clever and cute. Martha has nothing on you.