Thursday, December 3, 2009

More days like that one, please!

Meelyn, Aisling and I spent the day with Nanny and Poppy yesterday (that's their Christmas tree to your left, the little one couples get when their last bird flies the nest and they're all, like, "THANK HEAVEN we can finally offload all those tattered old ornaments the kids kept making in school!") and had a lovely time for several reasons:

1) Poppy took us all to Bob Evans for lunch and we sat by a window where we could see the cold rain and snow showers going on outside and the Christmas decoration on the stores across the road and it was awesomely festive.

2) I saw two classmates with whom I graduated high school and my parents AND DAUGHTERS both assured me that I looked much, much younger than either of them. (And I'm all, "Hello, hair dye!")

3) Nanny, the girls and I went to this cute little consignment shop where she bought me this really pretty and HUGE candle wreath for Christmas, and because it was a consignment shop, it only cost $9.00. It made me slightly nervous that she took it home and put it on her own kitchen table and said, "Wow! That looks really nice in here, don't you think, Aisling? Meelyn? Errrmmm...." (I was giving her a Look over the top of my glasses when she made that sound.)

4) Aisling suggested that we stop at a clothing store we all like so we did, and we just happened to find an absolutely gorgeous party dress for her to wear to the Christmas dance she and Meelyn are going to in a couple of weeks. It was on a MAJOR sale, so that was extremely exciting.

5) On our way home, I suggested that we stop at another branch of that same store that is in our city to see if we could find a party dress for Meelyn, so we did AND WE DID. A perfectly beautiful dress and guess what? C'mon, guess! Oh, okay, I'll tell you: her dress was on sale, too!

Pictures, dress costs and store locations will be revealed on the day of the dance, so stay tuned.


Amy said...

Fun. I wish we lived closer to my kids' grandparents to do these kind of fun things.

Shauna said...

Oh! Party dresses! I LOVE dress shopping. Though most of the time I accidentally choose dresses way over my budget. :)

I can't wait to see what the girls chose!