Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas shop with Nan and Pop

As if it weren't exciting enough that the girls went to a Christmas dance on Saturday (right after Mass), they got to go Christmas shopping with Nanny and Poppy on Sunday morning as soon as Aisling and I got home from religious ed classes.

Nanny and Poppy treated them to lunch in order to help them get their strength up and then the three womenfolk formed this kind of tornado of shopping energy and covered the usual suspects -- Bath & Body Works, Aéropostale, Victoria's Secret and DSW -- and a bunch of others too. Which is good, since the money that my husband intended to spend on Christmas gifts went to buy that new fuel pump. Merry Christmas, girls!
Meelyn and Aisling came home breathless with excitement, interrupting each other as their words tumbled out like this "....and a new purse.....and this great perfume, that one I've been wanting....and a pair of jeans......two sweaters.......the cutest pair of shoes......five different scents of body wash......" They chattered on very happily and it was lovely to see their sweet faces so happy and animated.
For us, the days of the big, exciting Christmas bonus check are over. The Butterball Thanksgiving turkey? Totally flown the coop. The beautifully boxed Heavenly Ham, all glazed and spiral sliced? No more. The employee Christmas party with a nice dinner and free drinks? A thing of the past. But the annual Christmas shopping spree with the grandparents and the grandkidlets?
Still on!


Amy said...

Sounds like they had a great time. I was hoping with dh's new job, there would be one of those great Christmas parties. Not so. Guess I'll just be thankful for the paychecks!

Kayte said...

How fun! I love this photo...I have never once thought to photo my kids from behind like this...I love the idea of this and so perfect with this type of post...great idea. It must be fun shopping with girls! I better get some grandbabies that are PINK!