Saturday, December 5, 2009

And then someone took after my Christmas spirit with a lead pipe

The fuel pump went out on our SUV.


Meelyn side-swiped the utility pole on our property and didn't hurt the pole at all, but scraped up the side of the van and crushed the back fender.

We were gone for HOURS today to accommodate music rehearsals at the church - left at 12:30 and didn't get back until 7:00, which is not exactly my idea of a restful Saturday.

The entire downstairs looks like Buddy the Elf's Christmas department at Gimbels exploded there, leaving tangles of fairy lights on the floor, big red Rubbermaid boxes in the hallway, and for some reason that I cannot explain, several Santa Claus figurines standing on the stove with one Wise Man and the Baby Jesus from two different Nativity scenes.

It is very, very cold and my body is not yet acclimated to very-very-coldness, being only just now grudgingly ready for very-cold.

Why won't the candles in the Advent wreath stand straight up? Why do they insist on leaning backwards at an angle that ensures they'll be dripping hot wax on the dining room table?

Had to sit behind a twenty-something guy at Mass tonight who texted through the entire seventy-five minutes, forcing me to fight down feelings of wanting to bash him in the back of the head with a hymnal while I was sweetly singing about rejoicing at the coming of the Savior.

My stomach feels funny.

Everything I cook lately tastes weird.

Christmas shopping? Nahhh!!!

Oooh, am sorely needful of a good night's sleep so that I can say a big, enthusiastic GOODBYE to this foul day.

[logs off computer and grumpily climbs the stairs, firmly intending to get into fridge-like bed and put cold feet on husband's legs]

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