Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Festive friends

Meelyn and Aisling were invited to a friend's house on Sunday afternoon for her annual Christmas party: about ten girls gather to watch White Christmas, eat large amounts of candy, work heroically to stuff down a nice dinner, and giggle. Especially giggle. And then they eat more candy.

It's always very nice to have a pleasant get-together like this one, a happy little fête where everyone curls up with blankies to watch the classic movie and my girls hang around the mailbox every year around this time, waiting for their invitation to arrive.

From left to right in the back are Aisling, Emily, Rebecca and Meelyn; Teresa is in the front.


Sharon said...

How fun! Good old-fashioned girl time. :)
It's a great picture, too. Pretty girls!

Kayte said...

What a great photo of all the girls! Everyone is getting so grown up...where did that time go? No little ones anymore, just beautiful young ladies!