Saturday, June 7, 2008

Check out some new stuff on InsomniMom

I've add a few fun things to InsomniMom over the past few days and thought I'd take a minute to point them out, just in case you're reading here with a woolen cap pulled down over your head, in which case you're peeking so stop acting like right now. Don't make me come over there.

First of all, I have recently become a member of The Mom Blogs and Catholic Moms Online because I am all of those things: a mom, a Catholic, a blogger and -- if we don't forget to pay the bill -- online. Our ISP is funny about stuff like that and doesn't seem to appreciate the humor of my sending them an IOU written in glitter marker on a Post-It. They will, they have indicated, shut us down, PDQ.

Another thing I've add which appears at the top of the page to your right is a great little link to the daily Mass readings, provided by I really like this one, mostly because you don't even have to go grab your Bible. Just give it a click -- 1st Reading, 2nd Reading (on Sundays), Responsorial Psalm and Gospel -- and you'll be whisked right off to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' online lectionary, which is pretty cool.

The last item is nifty thing from Shelfari - a virtual bookshelf of the things our family is reading/has read and loved. Scroll down on the right and behold - you can mouse over each selection and go right to its page on and read the comments reviewers have left, or even buy the book. I've put a few up there and I plan to write my own reviews of them, which you'll be able to read by looking either at InsomniMom's main page or by scrolling down on the right and clicking "Book Reviews" in the index.

There's lots of fun to be had at InsomniMom. Because? I'm always thinking of others. You're welcome.


Kbg said...

Oohhhhh...I love all the new playthings on your blog...more bloggy-goodness!

You are one very organized helpful chick...that's just one of the reasons we love you.

Shelley said...

Well, thanks! That is so nice of you. I have lots of fun playing on my blog and it never would have happened if you hadn't pestered me for about six months by saying every time I saw you, "So! When are you going to start your blog?"

So I owe you a HUGE thank you.