Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top Chef winner finally announced - tears ensue

The girls and I have been faithfully watching the Bravo reality series called Top Chef for the entire past season and it has been a great one.

Last night, the final episode of Season 4 aired - it was down to Richard Blaise, Stephanie Izard and that Lisa person, who is possibly the most unpleasant personality who's ever appeared on a reality series, and yes, I'm including Survivor's Richard Hatch in that list. Let me just say that the girl has no manners at all and the truculent abrasiveness of a fourteen-year-old boy. My husband was watching the TiVo'd episode with us this morning and after observing her brusque and touchy demeanor, he said thoughtfully "She seems like one of those lesbians who's all, 'I'm a lesbian, so whatcha gonna do about that?'"

Aisling spoke up and said, "No, Daddy, she's not lesbian. She said she's Jewish."

I love homeschooling. My husband and I traded an "Aw, she's so cute" smile.

Anyway, Lisa didn't win. Stephanie did, and the girls and I were very pleased. But we were sad at the same time that Richard didn't win, which led to a confusing and emotional moment on our couch when the three of us were crying with happiness for Stephanie, whom we loved, who was incandescent with joy, and crying with sadness for our dear Richard, whom we loved, whose high hopes were so dashed. It's very difficult being human, sometimes.

We can hardly wait until Season 5. Oh, that it would start tomorrow!

If you haven't watched this show before, you should. It's just very, very good.


Kbg said...

JEWISH...ha ha ha ha ha...gotta love the innocence in that remark.

Richard...really, you wanted Richard to win? I thought Richard was a little too into "I'm Richard, I'm the Greatest" bit. I really liked Stephanie and was happy she won.

Hey, I watched every episode of this show...can you believe it? Probably has something to do with my new hobby of knitting and being able to sit still in one place for any given length of time as long as I can knit!

Now, however, the television is off for the rest of the!

I could be wooed into a movie, however....

Shelley said...

I liked Richard a lot. I thought he had an understated, quiet confidence that made him seem so much more professional, and, well, likeable than those idiots Spike and Andrew. Richard was really competent and I loved it that he wanted to win it all to not only advance his dreams, but also for the benefit of his wife and new baby. Love me some Richard!

But Stephanie, what a sweetheart. I would have KILLED Dale for leaving that meat out all night in that sultry San Juan kitchen, but she apparently didn't say a cross word to him. She was a nice young woman and I hope she has a stellar career.

Richard and Stephanie both were so positive, with basically cheerful personalities, unflappable. Which seems to be a good way to be if you're an executive chef. In my opinion, food has to be cooked with love to taste good, and if it isn't cooked with love and the morale of the kitchen help from the sous chef to the dish washer is in the gutter, how could the restaurant patrons help but get indigestion?

I can't even watch two seconds of that dreadful man on Hell's Kitchen without my stomach's being tied in knots.