Monday, June 9, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: Armor All Protectant Wipes

My family, a big sassy bunch of rudesters if there ever were any, tease me mercilessly about my infatuation with Armor All Protectant Wipes. I carry a canister of them in Applesauce Anne, in the little cargo net that sits between the two front seats, so that I can whip them out frequently and use them to nourish her dash and all vinyl or plastic areas of her interior. I don't know why they find this so endlessly amusing. Applesauce Anne is an old minivan, having had her tenth birthday last September, plus she's been a busy old girl, logging 156,000 miles on her odometer. I figure that maintaining her interior is an important thing to do and I don't want her dashboard to get all faded and dessicated-looking, which is what happened to another vehicle we got from my grandpa.

Because the girls and I make judicious use of a local DIY carwash, Anne usually sparkles on the outside, but on the inside, she really shines. We shampoo the carpet and floor mats, clean the dog prints off the windows and sweep all the debris that collects on the floors -- little stones from the driveway, straw wrappes and even a used Band-Aid, which was very gross. The grossest thing is that I don't know whose Band-Aid it was; none of us have had a Band-Aid on our persons, which means that somebody else's used Band-Aid must have stuck to the bottom of my shoe in a parking lot somewhere and then come unstuck. *horf!*

But I digress. These Armor All Protectant Wipes are really excellent for cleaning, shining and adding moisture to your dashboard and surrounding areas. They're so easy to use - just yank one out of the canister and get to it. They aren't expensive either, and come in a 25-wipe canister for around $4.38, a 50-wipe canister for $6.80 and a soft pouch of wipes for an unknown price at most discount department stores and even the grocery in the automotive section. But they do have them if you want them that way. I've been using them for several years and I think Anne's shiny, unfaded dash is a sold testimonial to the efficacy of the Armor All product.

By the way, I store the canister lying on its side so that the wipes don't dry out.

You can use these on plastic and vinyl stuff in your house, too. A very versatile product. I rate them an A+ for ease of use, price and general, all-'round spiffy idea.


Kbg said...

We love these, too, but we have to use them sparingly for this makes the leather seats slippery as all get out...and Pippin and Vash have been known to actually slip right off the seats because of it...not too much fun for them and they always look at us so reproachfully when it happens...sort of like, "What the heck just happened here, lady?" Tee hee...not funny, but you have to admit when you see a fluffy little blonde doggie going sliding willy nilly off the seat and splat onto the floor, there is a tendency to giggle a just can't help yourself.

Shelley said...

Wimzie likes to ride with her paws on the dashboard (if we're driving in town and going slowly) and the Armor All makes it slippery, too. She fell off the seat the other day and plopped onto the floor, but she found half a Power Bar that had fallen out of Meelyn's gym bag when I dropped her off at the YMCA.

That was about the only time she didn't give me the "What the heck just happened here, lady?" look. She was actually quite pleased to have fallen.