Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer haircut

Wimzie had her summer haircut this morning, which took her from looking like a short yet burly dust mop to looking a lot like Toto from The Wizard of Oz, only black and white with touches of brown instead of all black.

I would like to be able to take Wimzie to a professional groomer. but every groomer I've introduced her to, she's tried to bite, the little jerk. Even when the groomer is totally non-threatening, down low on the ground and not squeakishly calling her a "cutesie-wootsie widdle poo-poo baby sweetheart angelpup" (that's my job, thankyouverymuch) and offering her a treat, like, say, a rack of lamb or mailman or something, she still launches in for the kill. She doesn't even have the sense to take the rack or lamb or the mailman and then try to kill the groomer. So she likes the taste of groomer better than lamb. Who knew?

The upshot of all this is that I had to rent a dog grooming video from the library a few years back and buy some clippers and trim her myself. The results are mixed. On the one hand, all the tangles are cut out and you can actually see her eyes, which is a good thing because with this dog, you want to know if she's focusing on your ankle or your jugular; on the other hand, I have no particular talent as a dog groomer and Wimzie, being a broken-coat Jack Russell has crazy fur that grows in eighteen different directions, so if you stood her next to Kayte's silky Tibbies, there would be no question at all whose pets get the salon treatment and which one gets the home job.
Wimzie still looks as disreputable as she did when Katie commented on her appearance back in May, but now its a different kind of disreputationalism. (Hey! I just made that word up! No, I'm not kidding!) Now, instead of looking like a gangster, Wimzie looks like a young starlet who's on her way to her third stint in rehab.

All the same, she deeply enjoyed the fuss that was being made over her, especially the warm bath she got to take afterwards. She came zooming down the stairs to see me after Aisling finished with her, her eyes bright and her ears perked up, probably saying, "Hey! Do you know where we can buy some crack?" if her general attitude about life is to be believed.

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Kbg said...

Laughing about this dog...totally laughing out loud.