Friday, June 13, 2008

Reason #2,876,368 why I may need a prescription for Ambien

I have just stayed up until the wee hours of the morning -- KNOWING THAT I HAVE TO GET UP AT 6:30 AM -- stubbornly and obsessively finishing a list of sixteen Indiana History field trips. I've been making sure that every single indented paragraph matches every other paragraph; checking to see that all fonts are the same size, the right color; laboriously searching through website after website after website in search of contact people, telephone numbers, admission fees, hours of operation and descriptions of tours.

Why I do this to myself is a complete mystery to me. All I knew was that I went reluctantly upstairs at 10:30, leaving this project, which I worked on from 3:00pm until around 7:00pm, and then snuck in a few minutes here and there during commercial breaks in So You Think You Can Dance, almost done.


Leaving something almost done is hard for me, unless it's something like dusting the furniture or cleaning out my closets. With those chores, I cheerfully think to myself that never even beginning them wouldn't be such a bad thing.

So now that I'm finished and have it off my mind so that I can go to sleep without a little whisper of almost! almost! almost but not quite! going through my ridiculous head, what am I doing?

I'm sitting here in this chair complaining about how tired I am instead of going upstairs and doing something about it.

I totally deserve that six-thirty alarm. Totally.

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Kbg said...

I have no doubts that on your way to your funeral you will be shouting..."Wait, wait...I am not DONE yet....."