Friday, April 23, 2010

Confirmed in Christ

We're all wittering around the house over here because we have to leave in less than an hour to head off to the church in Carmel to attend Aisling's Confirmation Mass.

It's an exciting time and I feel, somehow, a great sense of accomplishment. This feeling is probably about the mental check-list I carry around in my head for both girls: Still home schooling? Check. Made it through junior high? Check. Attending religious ed classes and paying strict attention to all the requirements for Confirmation? Check. Working our way through the high school years? Check. SATs, scholarship-seeking, college acceptance and high school diplomas are still down the road a piece, but today? I can cross off another item.

As much as I'd like to expound on this happy event and what it means not only to me and my husband, but obviously also to Allison, it has been brought to my attention that if I don't attempt to tame my hair and touch up my makeup, I may well scare the bishop and cause his big hat to fall off.

For anyone who lives around here who may be wondering if we forgot to invite you to Aisling's open house, we did not forget. It's just that we're not having it until May 16. Let not your hearts be troubled: You will have a chance to eat a really amazing chicken and almond casserole upon that day.

For an explanation of what Confirmation is and what the sacrament confers upon a person, click here. There are also some interesting bits about the history of Confirmation, both in the Bible and from the writings of the Early Church Fathers.


Kayte said...

You will be in my backyard for the Mass at our church, I will wave to you...I can't come in b/c of the hundreds of lily plants. Matt is serving the Mass, however. Congrats to A!!!

Amy said...

Blessings to A!

RexTemples20144 said...

It's great!!.............................................