Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seventeen on the seventeenth

Today was Meelyn's Golden Birthday, seventeen years old on the seventeenth day of the month.

She is a much better daughter than I could ever have hoped for, especially when you consider the twenty-two hours of pain med-free labor I endured. I was going through some kind of Earth Mother phase back then, and you can be assured that two years later? When I staggered into that same hospital's front lobby to deliver Aisling? I was asking everybody I clapped eyes on for drugs.

But Meelyn, in spite of her birth during which my husband, watching television avidly, kept me apprised to the goings-on at the Waco invasion while my contractions continued PEAKING ("Damn, honey! They're driving a tank through that wall!" to which I replied, "Yeah, well? It feels like someone is driving a tank through my [edited because this is a family blog]"), has been nothing but a delight from the very beginning. She is one of the ones who gives the world hope for teenagers. Happy birthday, lovely girl!


Paige said...

Happy Birthday!

Kayte said...

She is one lovely girl! Somehow I missed this post. Happy Birthday, M! What a great photo of those movie star glasses, they look so nice on her.