Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

We just got back from the grocery store, on a lean week because of the weekend we've had. On Friday, we had Aisling's Confirmation Mass, so we "stole" some of the grocery money and went out to a late dinner after Mass. We went to Golden Corral, which I know is one of the tackiest restaurants ever, but the food is really good. I had a piece of steak and a piece of tilapia that were both extremely delicious, plus their fried chicken just can't be beat. And their salad bar has bleu cheese crumbles and green olives and dried cranberries, plus these wicked good croutons, so it was well worth it.

On Saturday, the girls attended a Spring Swing dance and my husband and I volunteered to chaperone. Okay, that's a lie: I volunteered my husband and myself as chaperones. I told him, "We don't have to worry about eating anything beforehand because at the Christmas dance, there was so much food that people had to carry home leftovers."

So guess how much food there was at this dance?
We ended up scarfing down pizza in our living room at midnight, approximately twelve hours after we ate lunch.

My husband grilled pork chops yesterday and we ate them with big baked potatoes and garlic bread, but I was suffering from an awful sinus headache (thanks, Mother Nature, for all that RAIN) and didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.

So here's the rest of the menu for the week, minus a sizeable chunk of money that went out for a celebratory dinner (planned) and a midnight pizza (unplanned.)

Menu Plan for Week of April 24, 2010

Monday - beef tacos and leftover corn casserole

Tuesday - spaghetti with meat sauce

Wednesday - Spanish Dogs (like coney dogs, except spicy) and oven-baked potato puffs

Thursday - crunchy fish filets and baked beans

Friday - nachos and refried beans

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Kayte said...

Spanish Dogs are a new item for me...haven't heard of those before. You always have something new and interesting going on over here. I need to try a Spanish Dog.