Sunday, April 11, 2010

The view from my window

When we were thinking about moving to this neighborhood five years ago, one of the first things I noticed as we toured the house was the view out of the west window in the master bedroom.

That copper-roofed tower is connected to the historic Presbyterian church that is not quite a block away from our house -- that ginormous yellow-sided house you see in the foreground and an equally huge blue house stand between us and the church, directly across the street. The church is so beautiful, not just the building, but also the landscaping, which at this time of year is an absolute colorful riot of spring flowers. And the added bonus? Now that we have the windows open, we can hear the bells in that tower chiming every hour and half hour.

In the past five years, then, I've stood at my bedroom window in times both happy and sad and looked out at the verdigris cross on the roof of that church. It's a very pleasant and comforting sight in whatever kind of weather we're having, but especially beautiful set against the ineffable blue of a warm April morning.


Kayte said...

So nice to have a view with a church...I have one, too! Well, at least until the leaves come on the trees and then there is nary a clue that there is a big honker of a church to the back of us. Still nice knowing it is there, even if I can't actually see it when there are leaves on the trees. Happy Sunday.

Sharon said...

I like your view. :)