Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simple -- and simply -- delicious

I have been patting myself on the back ever since I took this picture at the dinner table last night, feeling that it is the best bit of food photography I've done. And even though I'm still FAR from Kayte's and Shari's high standards, it's a definite improvement over the picture I took of my husband's plate of meatloaf in January. Umm...yuck?

This dinner was made from one bag of Hurst's 16-Bean soup, the ham bone I had leftover from Easter, two boxes of Jiffy corn muffin mix, and six diced green onions. Oh, and some salt. That's it. Couldn't be cheaper, couldn't be easier - I think the bag of dry beans was something like $2.35 and the Jiffy mixes were forty-seven cents each. And it tastes wonderful. If you were brought up in a place where bean soup was served often, the very aroma wafting from the kettle can bring back memories. For me, it's being in Grandma Houser's kitchen, playing Old Maid and Crazy 8's while Grandma cooked the lunch.

And see? In the picture? It's pretty, too.


Sharon said...

oh it looks delicious. Sure makes my dinner tonight of hot dogs sound unappealing.
I LOVE the Jiffy corn muffins. So good.
Nice cooking! :)

Kayte said...

That's a great photo...I would like a bowl of that RIGHT NOW...you say, "But it is merely breakfast time," and I answer, "So what...I would eat this RIGHT NOW." Looks great. Thanks for the shout out re my photography, so undeserved as I just point and shoot, never ever have the right kind of light, etc. and view the photo as just proof that I made the darn thing. You are doing very nicely...now about that soup....any left?