Sunday, April 4, 2010

(Small but significant) Easter miracle

I logged on here yesterday evening before we left the house to take Aisling to music rehearsal before the Easter Vigil, and I was in a bit of a pickle.

I had woken up yesterday morning feeling sick. Just, you know, nauseous and intestiney and with that feeling that it would be a really good idea not to stray too far from the bathroom. It totally felt like a twenty-four hour stomach bug, but the problem was, I wanted to be at the Easter Vigil in, like, ONE hour.

So I logged on here and asked for prayers, and I thank you, those who e-mailed me to say that you did. And I sent up a few of my own, along the lines of "Jeeeesus, please make me feel better because I....I....oh, wait a minute until I get back from the bathroom because it just seems WRONG ON MANY LEVELS to pray while leaning over the toilet, Lord..."

'Cause you know what? I stopped feeling sick right before we got to the church. I mean, I STOPPED FEELING SICK. The nausea and....other stuff? (*ahem*) It stopped. Dead halt. On a dime. Complete arrestment of forward motion. Over. Arrivederci, adios and au revoir. I'd been feeling like crap on a cracker ALL DAY LONG and as soon as we pulled into a parking space, it ended and has not come back.

Healed! I was healed of a stomach virus! Seriously. Make fun of me if you want to, but let me just say that I took NO Immodium-AD, NO Pepto, no medicine of any kind. And I got better and it was lovely.

What a very nice and extremely practical Easter gift that was, huh?

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