Monday, April 5, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Ahh, Easter Monday it is, and a fine one as well. This is our week for spring vacation and the weather is absolutely gorgeous. The girls spent last night with Nanny and Poppy being spoiled and are spending tonight there as well, so our schedule for the next few days is slightly different.

Many thanks to Laura, whose sensible Menu Plan Monday idea, posted at her blog, I'm an Organizing Junkie, have made a difference to hundreds of familes on the internet, with more added weekly.

Menu Plan for Easter Week, April 5, 2010

Monday - I have Moms' Night Out with some friends tonight and my husband is going to watch the Final Four game (go Bulldogs!) with his favorite cheapo nasty pizza that the rest of us won't eat, so I'm covered. A break from the kitchen, woooo-hooooo!!!

Tuesday - Taco salad, the first one of the season

Wednesday - Easter ham, green bean casserole, carrots and homemade biscuits

Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner! Amish Breakfast Casserole

Friday - Meatless! Refried bean quesadillas with tortilla chips and spicy queso sauce

On Saturday, we had Ragù Americana for dinner -- it was a leftover I took from the freezer and defrosted. Fortunately, the girls are very competent in heating up red sauce and cooking pasta, because I was far too sick to eat anything and couldn't even bring myself to sit at the table with them. I somehow managed to put a Cherry-Glazed Ham in the slow-cooker before we left for the church; it is our family custom to have a little spree when we get home from the Easter Vigil Mass, eating sandwiches made from the ham and the bread I baked for the Easter basket. And as much candy as we can throw down our throats, of course. On Sunday, we went to Mom and Dad's house for Easter dinner and it was delicious.

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Kayte said...

That Dawg game was really something, let me tell you. Had I known you were all still awake and chatting after the 12:00 midnight singing of the One Shining Moment song, I would have ventured over as I was far too wide awake to sleep! Menu sounds great. It is Wednesday here and I made crockpot scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner using the leftover Easter ham. We are on spring break, so going to college visits between checking in here at home. One visit left until April 24th when he goes to UK for a swimmer thing. Thinking about making some rolls as well...yep, thinking. Your week sounds good.