Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day in Zuzuland

Life with our rescued mystery pup, Zuzu, has been a whirl of adventure these past few days. If it's been a long time since you've raised a puppy, you forget how much joie de vivre can be packed into a small, wiggly body. A paper napkin on the floor? Yay, confetti! A stray slipper! Time to run-run-run while the slipper's owner gives chase! Oh, there are just so many things to do when you're relatively new to the world. All in all, it is so exciting, how could you possibly be blamed for an occasional puddle on the floor?

Here's how Zuzu has spent her time today:

7:00 a.m. -- Bark! bark-bark-bark! Time to go outside, so hurry-hurry-hurry!!! (No mess in the crate for the third night running, excellent.) Pooped and peed outside, much praise from Dad.

7:15 - 9:00 -- Time for breakfast, two little scoops of puppy chow and a little warm milk. Fresh water. Gobble breakfast, gobble-gobble-gobble. Check out older dogs' breakfast. They do not wish to share. THEY DO NOT WISH TO SHARE. Feelings hurt, run to Meelyn or Aisling.

9:00 -- Find stuffed duck in toy basket. That's a duck that needs some killing. Throw duck in air. Pounce on duck. Chew on duck. Grip duck in teeth and shake-shake-shake. Grow bored with duck, remove rest of toys from basket and leave strung all over the living room floor.

9:30 - 10:00 -- So tired. So veryveryvery tired. Must find place to snooze. Mom is sitting on couch reading book. Looks warm. Looks comfy. Sleeeeeeeep.......

10:00 -- Wha-...??!! Whoa. WHAT'S GOING ON??!!! Is that the next door neighbor? And doesn't she appear to be engaged in the heinous crime of strapping her one-year-old baby into a pink polka dot car seat??!! THE GALL OF THAT WOMAN. SHE MUST BE BARKED AT. A LOT. IN A HIGH PITCHED REGISTER THAT MAKES ALL HUMANS IN THE ROOM CLAP THEIR HANDS TO THE SIDES OF THEIR HEADS! BARK! BARK-BARK-BARK!!!!

10:05 -- Garbage truck arrives. Ditto.

10:07 -- Pedestrian. Ditto.

10:20 -- Lawyer briskly strides by carrying briefcase on way to city court. Ditto.

10:21 -- Mom sternly threatens to send puppy to the crate. Works on teaching command not to bark. Not that it works with the older dogs or anything, couldn't help but notice, but will try to appear attentive.

10:40 -- Alternate playing and barking, barking and playing. Then napping.

10:57 -- Oops. Puddle.

11:30 -- Lunch!!! More scoops of food in bowl with milk!! Very tasty!! Older dogs still not inclined to share and reject friendly offer to help them eat their food.

12:00 -- Outside! Beginning to recognize what that means!! A chance to smell the smells of all those other dogs in the neighborhood. Have never met, nose-to-butt, but already feel familiar. Cozy feeling. Much better than wandering country lanes, scared of coyotes and hawks. WHAT THE FREAKING FREAK IS THAT SMELL??!! A FREAKING SQUIRREL??!! NO WAY. [barks until tumbles over in snow, is borne ignominiously away into the house by Meelyn, barking over her shoulder] Squirrels will not be tolerated.

1:00 - 2:15 -- Girls gone to gym. Very sad. Very lonely. Except, wait! There is mom! Can sit with her! Lick her face! Bite her hair! Press puppy nose into side of neck! Snuffle at ear! Then fall asleep, flat on back, with all paws dangling in the hair. [Mom pleased to note that tummy is growing rounder]

2:15 -- My name is Zuzu. I recognize it. Will even respond to "Zooey Bear" and "Zuzulicious." I am much smarter than my brother, Hershey, who finally learned to respond to his name after FIVE MONTHS. He really is as dumb as he looks, but don't tell the family because they seem fond of him.

2:30 -- Am very fond of Cheez-It crackers. Delicious. Excellent snack for afternoon.

2:35 - 3:15 -- Sleep on couch with older dogs, all in a heap. Very warm. Feel loved. Yawn with tongue out and make squeaky sound; girls and Mom all laugh.

3:15 - 3:37 -- Play game of chase with Hershey. Run-run-run!!! Bark-bark-bark!!! Try to keep him from taking my tennis balls. Jump clear over him at one point, like cow jumping over moon. Wimzie reluctantly joins in, fearing she will be accused of being boring and elderly. She is, but it's probably best that we not tell her. Our little secret. Shhh.

Lots of day left!!! Playing is fun!! Eating older dogs' food is fun!! Chewing on pencils is fun!!! Trying to sleep on Wimzie's special own bed is fun!!! Being forcibly kicked out of that bed by its owner is not all that much fun!!!! Dragging Aisling's sneaker around by the laces is fun!!!

Looking into front of dishwasher and barking at that strange puppy there is fun, but also disturbing. Where is this other dog? Why no smell? Friend of squirrels? Highly likely. Sworn enemy.

Ooops! Puddle.


Amy said...

Too funny. Almost enough to make me want a puppy--but not quite.

Kayte said...

OMW it's a day over there! So cute.