Monday, January 4, 2010

In with the new (cup of coffee)

This morning, Aisling and I drove Meelyn to work because we needed to use the van to run some errands. On our way home, Aisling looked at me with wistful blue eyes and said, "It's sooo coooold outside. Can we stop at Dunkin' Donuts and get some hot chocolate?"

It sounded good, only I was on board for a cup of coffee more than the hot chocolate. I've been seeing many television commercials about Dunkin' Donuts' famous coffee and I've never had a cup, despite the fact that a Dunkin' Donuts opened up about four blocks away from our house. I've never had a donut from there either, and if that doesn't mark me as a person of iron willpower and sterling character, I don't know what would.

It was so windy and snowy that merely rolling down the window at the drive-thru made us both shrink back into the shelter of our coats and scarves. I placed our order: one hot chocolate, one medium coffee with cream, no sugar, and pulled around the building to the window.

The young man took my money, gave me my change and handed me the two cups. The hot chocolate smelled so good; its luscious aroma filled up the entire van. I eagerly drove the last few blocks to our driveway, absolutely longing for a warming slurp of this very delicious coffee I've been hearing so much about.

I didn't even wait to take my coat off before prying off the plastic lid on the styrofoam cup and stirring in three packets of Splenda. I replaced the lid, raised the cup to my lips and "Phhhhhhlllllaaaaaaaauuuuufffffff!!!!!"

That was the worst coffee, like, ever. I think it had been sitting in a pot on a hot burner since, oh, I don't know, OCTOBER? It tasted exactly the way burning tires smell. Bletch.

"What's wrong?" called Aisling, who was sipping her rich and foamy cup of hot chocolate. Bitter was my envy as I took the lid off the coffee cup and poured the offensive liquid down the drain, gazing at it distastefully as it swirled away and wondering what I could drink instead that would wash the inside of my mouth out.

"My coffee tasted like burning tires smell," I replied disconsolately, smooshing the cup into the trash.

Our old coffee maker died last winter and I intended to go to K-Mart today and put one in layaway, but I felt that I just couldn't wait. I could take the cost of a reasonably priced coffee maker out of the grocery money, I thought, seeing as how we still have leftovers a-plenty.

So off to Wal-Mart we went, huddled into our hats and gloves and boots. Once inside, we proceeded directly to the housewares section and make a selection: I am not a coffee aficionada and I just want something simple. No French presses. No elaborate grinders. No airline ticket to Colombia to pick my own beans. No machines that look like they could double as torture devices and give you a cup of cappucino at the same time. Just a standard drip, that's all.

I chose a Black & Decker model, pictured above, for $39.99, which is a considerable part of the week's groceries, but we have enough leftover turkey for at least two meals. Once I'd heaved the coffee maker into the cart, we jauntily strolled off to the food section where I bought a nice, hearty tub of Folger's Breakfast Blend (it promises to be mellow) and we went to the check-out where the cashier scanned the coffee maker and rang it up for $24.99. Yippee!!! Great excitement ensued and we left the store with a palpable air of triumph.

Tomorrow morning, we are all going to enjoy a lovely, rich cup of hot coffee to help ward off the winter chill and I can hardly wait.

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Kayte said...

This is the year that DD is supposed to take over the world with their coffee and doughnuts. You are not helping...LOL. Love all the descriptions you do...I can just feel the blast of cold air, huddling inside the van, etc. Really, you should be putting this pen to more than blogging...keep the blogging of course, but just start writing for the masses for have a talent.