Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Epiphany - The Journey of the Wise Men (Day 10)

The road was long, with many a winding turn, but the three kings finally arrived in the manger today after making their way through the clementines and the laundry detergents and across the piano keys and many other treacherous byways.

They plan to stay and visit until February 2, at which time they're going to leave by a different path because, you know....Herod. And Mary and Joseph are going to grab the donkey and wrap up the baby and head out for Egypt, because, you know....Herod. Herod always figures largely in an unhappy end to the story of a miraculous, world-changing, life-changing birth.

Fortunately for all of these porcelain folks, however, they'll be packed away safe and sound in their box under my bed to await a renewed journey next Christmas.

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