Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve - The Winnah!

So every year we all get together to have this euchre tournament, right? There are twelve to sixteen of us, all with varying levels of talent and I think I've established where my level is. Those depths are truly hard to plumb

But anyway, I don't know why we even bother. Because you know who wins? Like, every single year? Grandma Bennett, that's who. Grandma Bennett is Beth's mother-in-law and Julie's mother. She will be ninety years old this coming August and she derives a great deal of joy out of beating the snot out of the lot of us. Last night she won three prizes -- most points overall, most loners, woman with most points -- and Beth yelled in exasperation, "Helen, you're HOGGING ALL THE PRIZES."

Helen, with the air of royalty dispensing largesse to the crowd of smelly peasants in the streets, said nonchalantly, "Oh, you can give one of my prizes to someone else. Whoever else managed to get close to me in points." And then she laughed really hard.

Here she is totting up her bajillion points on her tally card. And gloating.

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