Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exciting hoofball action

This piece of news always hits Susie and Carol with a terrible shock of betrayal, but I don't follow sports very closely.

I know that the Colts play in Indianapolis, of course. I've seen the awesome Lucas Oil Stadium from the outside and deplored the silly name. And I casually watch the Masters every spring, but mostly because of the azaleas. And I am vaguely aware that there are lots of people playing basketball, particularly at this time of year, but the only one I have any interest in is Kieren.

So today, when Aisling and I went to Kroger after we left the church (religious ed from 9:00 - 10:15...sighhhhh), it dawned on me that something important must be going on because we were the only two people in the store not attired in Colts gear.

I self-consciously drew my long coat around my spherical frame to cover my burgundy top and said out of the corner of my mouth to Aisling, "If anybody looks at you, say, 'Colts! Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!'"

"Why?" she asked absently, checking a package of fat-free crackers made of twigs and sphagnum moss for their calorie content. "Are the Colts playing today?"

I furtively glanced around. "I think so," I whispered. "And it must be big, because look at all the balloons."

Aisling put the crackers back on the shelf and glanced upward, where she took in the sight of about three thousand blue and white balloons cheerfully bobbing away, trailing their curling-ribbon streamers. "Whoa.....I think I kind of remember something about some off-plays, now that you mention it."

"Play-offs," I said helpfully. "I think they're called play-offs. Not off-plays.

"Great," she said in a bored voice. "Can we get some fat-free ice milk?"

I laughed shortly. "Not in this lifetime."

"Well, what can we get?"

I thought for a moment. "I think I'd better make something festive. How about some queso dip and tortilla chips?"

She eyed me with disdain. "Isn't that, like, fattening?"

"Yes, heaven be praised. It is entirely full of fat and calories and therefore will be worth eating," I said tartly, heading off to the aisle where the salsa lives.

On the way to get the chips, we passed a bakery table with chocolate cupcakes frosted with blue and white. And sprinkles. I put them in the cart with a feeling of satisfaction. Because, you know? I like to do my part. So I am ALL ABOUT supporting our local sports teams, especially the Colts, with that nice Patrick Manning boy.


Sharon said...

MMMM. I love me some queso.
I hope you all enjoyed every fattening bit. :) It's perfect for football!

Carol said...


Shelley - You knew I'd have to respond to that didn't you.


Amy said...

For the Super Bowl, try this Hungry Girl recipe for virtually fat-free buffalo chicken dip:

Kayte said...

Those cupcakes always leave blue dye on your lips! We will be able to tell that you had Colts cupcakes! LOL. And, just in case you didn't know: The Colts are going to the Super Bowl and they will be playing the New Orleans Saints. Cheer for the Colts, it brings lots of money into the city, or at least that is the proclamation. Even some money is good. February 7th in Miami in case you want to be really well informed. The Who is playing during half-time in case you want to be really, really well informed. That's probably all they expect for a basketball state.