Tuesday, January 12, 2010

High time for higher temps

I don't know what the weather's like where you are, but here? It has been awful. Beyond awful. All the way to completely and utterly sucktastic, what with the single-digit "highs" and the wind chill factors that make the inside of your nose freeze up when you take a breath and the house constantly being cold and not being able to put enough clothes on, feels like, to ward off the chill. Ugh. I have hated every single second of it, and if you live someplace where it is currently 82 degrees and you're getting ready to go to the beach, just hush yourself right now. No one likes a bragger.

From the Indianapolis forecast for this week, though, I have taken heart. It's still going to be pretty darned cold today, but tomorrow is looking better. Thursday's nicer still, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday? I might be able to get away with only one pair of thick socks underneath my snow boots. I couldn't help but notice that the low temperatures for the week are higher than the high temps for last week. Brrrr.

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Sharon said...

Yeah. BRRRRRR. I really hope our next house has a fireplace.