Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jane tames January

I'm sadly out of the PBS loop since Meelyn and Aisling no longer watch children's programming on either of the two local Public Broadcasting Service stations here in central Indiana, so I didn't even know that Masterpiece Theater was doing a production of Emma until I heard the news this morning from some internet friends.

Pictured to the left, there, are Romola Garai, who plays darling, lovable Emma, and Jonny Lee Miller, who plays her devastatingly sweet and handsome (yet somehow overlooked) childhood friend George Knightley. I can hardly wait to see this version, knowing what a completely excellent job Masterpiece Theater did with the giggles-and-swoons inducing Pride and Prejudice, starring COLIN FIRTH OH MY HEAVENLY HANDSOMELY COLIN OF FIRTHISHNESS and that girl who played Elizabeth. Uhhhhh....Jennifer Ehle. Not that she wasn't completely adorable as Elizabeth, because she was, but COLIN FIRTH OH MY HEAVENLY HANDSOM-.....



Anyhoo, Emma will be airing in three episodes on your PBS affiliate from January 23 through February 7. Check your local listings and get those DVRs and TiVos set, ladies and girls. I would venture a guess that if you loved Gwyneth Paltrow in the 1996 cinematic version (which we surely did) and/or Kate Beckinsale in the also-1996 made-for-TV version (which we haven't seen), you will undoubtedly like Masterpiece Theater's version. From past experience, I predict that the costuming, scenery, screenplay and acting will be just about flawless.

Jane has redeemed January. I am happy now.

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Kayte said...

Oh, yeah, Colin Firth...what is it about that guy? I'm usually not star struck, but for some reason, he would be the one who would star struck me. LOL.