Monday, January 25, 2010

Today, low-caf coffee; TOMORROW, THE RED BULL

I was really tired this morning when I woke up -- I've been on one of those sleep cycles where I'm unable to fall asleep until about two o'clock in the morning, aren't those just FUN, fellow insomniacs? So instead of brewing our pot of coffee in my usual half-caf method, I made it quarter-caf.

Something about that extra little jolt of caffeine just really INSPIRED ME TO ACTION. I mean, I was WHIRRING AROUND THE HOUSE like a CYCLONE OF BUSY-NESS. I was cleaning things LIKE THEY'D NEVER BEEN CLEANED BEFORE.

"WHOOOOAAAAA!!!" said the refrigerator shelves as I yanked them out of the fridge and scrubbed them maniacally with hot, soapy water. "Hey, next time, go a little easier on us and JUST USE A SANDBLASTER."


Anyway, I'm just a little hopped up on this bitter alkaloid that's whizzing through my veins. Take a gander AT WHAT I'VE DONE TODAY. Oops, sorry.

1. Dusted my bedroom

2. Removed sheets from bed and took them downstairs to wash and dry

3. Washed dogs' bedding

4. Washed out entire inside of fridge, including veggie drawers

5. Cleaned out inside of microwave

6. Shined up all major appliances on the outside

7. Tidied up the laundry room

8. Talked to Katie on the phone

9. Talked to my husband on the phone

10. Sent about ten emails


12. Ran a load of kitchen towels through the wash

13. Loaded and ran the dishwasher

14. Folded/hung up some laundry

15. Tidied up my desk

16. Helped Aisling get started on her second semester Music Appreciation course

17. Jumped over the moon

18. Conducted a series of successful peace talks between Israel and Palestine

19. Wrote a novel

20. Sent a taunting letter to Merry Maids featuring a picture of myself posting with a toilet brush and a feather duster with the caption "WHO DAT?!?!"

I am now getting ready to make the Mexican chili and clean out Hershey's crate.

Caffeine. My NEW-FOUND LOVE.

Er, sorry.


Sharon said...

#17-20 were definitely most impressive.

Productive days feel great, don't they? Maybe I need to try drinking YOUR coffee.

Kayte said...

Well, it seems to be productive! OMW.