Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

As always, many thanks to Laura and her blog, I'm an Organizing Junkie, and also to my friend Sharon at The Bird's Nest, the first for hosting and the second for informing me about Menu Plan Mondays. This has been a lot of fun and LIFE HAS BEEN MUCH EASIER.

While browsing Laura's site, I found some really helpful
grocery list and menu planning templates that I printed out to use this week. You might find them useful, too, or they might inspire you to create your own, customized for your grocery store's aisle layout, as an Excel spreadsheet. Or maybe you're one of those people like me who has to buy items at about three different groceries each week; it sure would be helpful to have one sheet with three different lists on it. Anyway, Laura has generously made her templates free for all to use, so take a look and see if they can make your shopping chores easier.

Monday -- whole-wheat spaghetti with meat sauce and homemade bread

Tuesday -- Comforting Beef Pot Pie

Wednesday -- chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes

Thursday -- Baked Italian Casserole (this is a new recipe I'm working on that uses the leftover meat sauce from Monday)

Friday -- homemade pizza

1 comment:

Kayte said...

Love the menu items! All sound like great winter comforting fun food. I'm all about the comforting and fun in winter. Come to think of it, all seasons! Shhhh...I have grocery list template as well, laid out by aisle by store. You knew that, right?