Monday, February 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Thank HEAVEN for Laura and her menu planning idea! As I was making this week's menu plan last Friday, big snow was forecasted. I knew the grocery store would be a madhouse, but I thought, I ought to just get out there and buy the week's groceries and get it over with. Thanks to my menu plan, my shopping list was streamlined down to the last carton of eggs, and that included all the ingredients for the Super Bowl snacks I made, too.
As predicted, ALDI was packed to the rafters with frantic shoppers grabbing snack items, toilet paper, bread, milk and all the rest, but the girls and I sailed through with my list in twenty-eight minutes from start to finish, and that includes bagging our own groceries and loading them in the car.

Here's the link to Laura's site, I'm an Organizing Junkie. Here's her excellent menu-planning template, which I print out and put on a clipboard for easy access. And I have my own chart that follows my favorite grocery store's aisles, but Laura's printable grocery list template might prove to be useful to you as well.

Menu Plan for the week of February 8, 2010

Monday: Spicy Beef Quesadillas and corn casserole

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner! Scrambled eggs, sausage and potato puffs

Wednesday: meat loaf, mashed sweet potatoes and green beans

Thursday: Baked pork chops and stuffing

Friday: Grade School Chili with crackers and peanut butter sandwiches, vanilla sheet cake

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Kayte said...

I wish I could menu plan, I really do. The best I can do is: "If people are going to be home to eat at all the same time, I will make this or that; however, if people are going to be eating sporatically because of this and that, I will make this other or that other." Best case scenario plan always in action over here. Fun to read your menus, and believe me, when the weather warms up, I might just have to be in the neighborhood on one of the nights that lists my favorite. I will bring dessert and a side when I come...LOL. This particular week I would have shown up on Friday...never never have enough of chili.