Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

And summer is SO DELIGHTFUL.

I keep sitting here wondering what we all did to tick Mother Nature off so much. Because it is obvious that she is not in a good mood.

Meelyn took this picture of my husband out with the dogs one evening several nights -- and about EIGHT INCHES -- of snow ago. The public school kids haven't had school for two days, and I'm not just talking about the kids in our city: I'm talking about the kids in our county and the four surrounding counties. One school corporation had a mere two hour delay and I bet those kids are even more torqued that Mother Nature.

Right at this particular moment, the snow has stopped. But that's not really saying much because it could start up again at any moment. What's happening most of all is wind. Shrieking, howling gusts of wind that authors Frances Hodgson Burnett and Emily Brontë referred to as "wuthering." Several times today I looked outside and watched the snow going completely horizontal down the street. And it wasn't stopping at the stop light, either.

I've also heard this kind of wind called a "lazy wind" -- one that can't be bothered to go around, so it cuts right through you. That sounds about right.

Whatever kind of wind it is, I've had just about enough, thankyouverymuch. And snow. I am really over the snow. When will SPRING be here?

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Kayte said...

It can move into spring anytime now. Nice photo, M!