Monday, February 22, 2010

See this bench again?

Yeah. Do you see a package on it?
Me neither. And I asked my husband if he could see one, and he said all he could see is that the bench needs to be re-painted and I said indignantly that it had taken a long time to get that artfully worn patina on that bench and that there would be no paint, none! Added to it.
And then I asked Meelyn and Aisling if they could see a package on it, and Meelyn said that all she could see was that the bench needed to be painted and I asked her if she'd been talking to her dad and she said yes and that he'd very generously given her five dollars and she didn't know why.
Aisling said the only thing she'd seen on the front porch bench recently was her algebra book, which was slightly wet from the snow and we were all very very lucky because even though the pages were pretty wrinkled, none of the ink had run, at least in the back half of the book where she is currently working.
So that person at the post office I spoke to on Friday? He didn't have our package re-delivered and it is lost.
If you were the person who sent us the package, I want to publicly thank you for your kindness and generosity and I'm sure whatever was in it -- which I'm sure was lovely and thoughtful but I'll ever know BECAUSE OF THE POST OFFICE -- would have been greatly appreciated by me and my family.
$%#*& post office!!!!

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