Thursday, February 18, 2010


Those huge icicles are hanging off the second story of our house, right over my kitchen window. If there were a window in the upstairs bathroom on that side of the house, we'd be able to see them there, baring their wicked, frozen teeth at us. My point being, the longest of those things must be over six feet long. Eeek!!!

We don't often hang out in the driveway underneath the kitchen window, so we aren't concerned that one of those things will do us a mischief, but we are a little worried about their weight pulling the gutters right off the house. Not to mention that waterfall formation we've got going on there to the left. Could it pull the siding right off the house?

We fervently hope not.

Right underneath the kitchen window is a nice flower bed we made with those chunky bricks stacked up three high. It is to be planted with hostas and many colors of impatiens this summer, and I think it will be a very beautiful display on the shady side of the house; so lovely, in fact, that I'd like to set up a couple of comfy outdoor chairs and a table back there in the grassy part and sit there and drink some iced tea while reading something pleasant.

That thought is the ONLY thing that got me through this day, the day on which I have just heard from the National Weather Service that we here in central Indiana can shortly be expecting a brand spankin' new winter storm.......


Amy said...

I want you to stop telling lies on this blog immediately. LIES I say because I know for a fact that Central Indiana has had enough snow and the good Lord would not, could not, will not send us any more snow.

Shari said...

Those icicles are awesome! I've never seen such huge ones!! There is something happy and magical about an icicle!! :)