Monday, June 4, 2007

Emails from home

These are two emails I received from Meelyn and Aisling while I was at CousinFest:

Dear Mommy,

I'm over here having a blast and I BET that you're having a really good time too! We've been to your blog and I laughed over your brand new blog post about exercising, it's so true. We've taken a nap and the living room furniture is so comfy. Tell me a few things that you're doing! By the way we should have a 32 day challenge. Being @ Nanny and Poppy's house is very spoiling. Well g2g bye.


[I felt no call to fill Meelyn in on the visit Jose Cuervo paid to CousinFest '07. Carol, Lily, Susie and I love him like a brother. We love him.]


Dear Mommy,

It's around eight thirty now and we where supose to have popped popcorn, taken showers, (except not me I'm stinky!) and settled down on the couch getting all cozy ontil nanny looked outside to see Uncle Pat and Aunt Angie and Kiersi. Kiersi is so cute! She is standing right now with one foot in the golfing hole on Poppy's floor putter! We had taco cassaural for dinner with a chopped salad. Aunt Angie helped us finish off a whole pan of that good stuff! Kiersi got a little spank because she was standing on the coffee table. Then she stood on the coffee table again.

Poor ole nanny! we were playing water guns, almost as wet as an ocean and all of a sudden some inspector guy from some true green place came along out to the back yard with me in a bathing suit and meemee wearing her top some pants and a swim suit to go underneith, but nanny lo in behold looked the worse out of me and meemee. Nanny let me and mee wear both her bathing suits because she said she would blind the neighbors if they looked out the window to see a sixtyfour year old woman running across the lawn wearing a bathing suit. Any way!

The inspector for their lawn came and there was nanny with no make-up, wet up to her eye balls, carrying an four inch watter gun. Nanny started to feel so enbarassed! She started to cluch her shirt because her bra was showing because she was wet, and followed the men to the front yard.

That's practically all that's been exciting around here, other than going to weenie world to get some ice cream. (Before dinner!)

We haven't been doing so on the thirty day challenge. From running all around the yard and reading out books and staring at the TV screen we're egzosted!

Ps. We're sleeping in tomorrow.

Love from Aisli that misses you

[My mother shall henceforth be known as Calamity Nan. I hope she wasn't cold.]

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