Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday's List

READING: still reading Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them: Breaking the Cycle of Physical and Emotional Abuse by Paul Hegstrom, Ph.D. for my mom, who is thinking about putting it in her church's library. I didn't take it with me to CousinFest for obvious reasons, but I'm plugging away.

POOLSIDE READING: I finished Verbena by Nanci Kincaid over the weekend, and you know my rule about books having a happy ending? If you share that feeling, be sure to give this one a miss. I read another thriller about a serial killer by a Christian writer in a couple days - it was okay. That's another one from my mother's church's library. Right now, I'm reading Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner and I usually like her books a lot.

LISTENING TO: delicious, delectable silence - the girls are at the swim club

THINKING ABOUT: how weird the first few days of summer break are, when I'm still not used to having no schoolwork to assign, when I suddenly jump a little in my seat and gaspingly think, "We haven't done math!!!!"

FAVORITE NEW FIND: Pepperidge Farm SUGAR FREE Mint Milano cookies. They are really, really good.

FAVORITE THING TODAY: My favorite thing today is my anticipation of tomorrow's events, wherein my brother will be stopping by to pick up Meelyn and Aisling on his way home from work and taking them home to Aunt Angie and the kids to spend the evening while my husband and I go out to dinner to celebrate -- drum roll, please -- our SIXTEENTH wedding anniversary. Woooooot!!!

WISH I HAD: another free weekend to spend with Lily, Carol and Susie. I miss them.

SCRAPBOOK PAGES THIS WEEK: three, but they're not all finished.

PRAYING FOR: a lot of different things, a lot of different people

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Kbg said...

Congrats on Sweet 16 years of marriage!

Golly, I leave town and you get a whole new look to your site...I like it, but it sure threw me for a minute as I thought I landed on someone else's site! Polka dots are so you!