Friday, June 8, 2007

So you think you can cry like a fish?

The girls and I just finished watching the Top Twenty Results for our favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance? which we TiVo'd last night. And I swear, I thought I would melt into a puddle on the floor.

I'm not sure why this show affects all of us so strongly, even my husband, if truth be told. But when it came down to the final two young men and Hok and Twitch were standing there bathed in a spot of cool light on the stage in front of the judges and the judges chose....oh, wait. No spoilers. But anyway, I just lost it. I'd already been sitting there sniffling, but Hok and Twitch made me burst into tears. When Hok said in his sweet accent, "My mind just cahn't proh-cess this," I wanted to cuddle him up in my arms and sob, "Oh, honey, I know! I can't either!"

At any rate, it is an incredible show and we grow to love these contestants and we cry when they get sent home and we say "Yesssssssss!!!!" when they get moved on in the competition. You should watch it, unless you feel that the only kind of dance that really means anything is classical ballet, in which case you are not going to like this show. Hip-hop (in all its permutations), ballroom and lyrical dance in many different styles are represented, and although I don't exactly like all of them, I find them very interesting, much the same way that I can appreciate art by both Michelangelo and Kandinsky: Michelangelo is okay, but Kandinsky is off the hook.

I can't believe I have to wait a whole week before seeing more.

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