Friday, June 29, 2007

Meelyn and Aisling at the keyboard

Happy 26th Birthday Mommy, LOL! I hope you have a great year! I feel that every year I spend with you my life gets happier and happier! This year has been great in school because you work so hard to make our lives in school better then yours were! Because of you I am becoming a Shakespeare fanatic, and because you believed in me I got great grades in school (especially in math,yuck)! Youre a wonderful mom to spend time with going to Hobby Lobby and shopping for clothes with us. All I can say is that I am grateful that you and Dad have worked hard to do things with us. I'm getting to know you even more every year, and I want to tell you that your the best Mommy that I could ever have!

your Mighty-Mee


Happy birthday mommy! Just remember when the coppers come and they ask to see your drivers lisence just remember to tell them your real age, 29. And your never to old to do the chacha. And if you ever forget what grade your in just remember your in grade ten. And that your never to old to teach grade school.

Your so special and I would never ask for any one other than you. Whenever I'm around you we're always smiling and laughing and making up silly little songs in the car. You always put your family and others first and always and always love to serve God.

You truly are a blessing from God.

Happy birthday. ( () ):**

( Hugs and kisses )

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Kbg said...

Oh, we all second these sentiments! Everyone is always smiling when you are around, etc. What great tributes...and you deserve every single one of them! Now, about that age thing....LOL!