Monday, June 25, 2007

Volleyball Camp, Day #1

Three free hours of blissful solitude for me!

Three hard hours of sweating, running, serving and stretching for Meelyn and Aisling!

There are a whole bunch of girls Aisling's age coming out to play on our homeschool/Christian school volleyball league. That's pretty exciting, because we're going to be graduating a BUNCH of seniors in November 2007. It's good to know that there are some up-and-coming.

Aisling discovered that the knee pads she's had for three years are now too tight. Apparently, she's grown. Who knew? This calls for a trip to the sporting goods store. She also needs long socks, because wearing knee pads with ankle socks is awful - the knee pads stick to skin on the backs of your knees something dreadful, I'm told.

The girls were both scarlet-faced, dripping sweat and ready to collapse, in spite of the Gatorade and water they had to drink; also in spite of the almond-scented cold face cloths I tucked into their cold packs. One sugar-free popsicle each failed to cool them down, so we are off to the pool for a refreshing half-hour of swimming and a nice, cool shower before coming home to make the tacos.

See you in the deep end!

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