Friday, May 7, 2010

As seen on the way to New Castle today

We went to New Castle today for three purposes: 1) to pick up Meelyn's contact lenses from the optometrist's office; 2) to eat lunch with Poppy and Nanny and then go to their house so that I could whip both of their behinds playing cards; and 3) to see Grandad, who is holding steady after his stroke two weeks ago and managed to smile at me today.

As we were driving towards my hometown, I saw a weathered old barn along the side of the road serving as a backdrop to some beautifully colorful spring flowers. I determined that on our way home, I'd have Meelyn pull over so that I could take a picture, and so I did. What I didn't know is that my nature, which seeks out beauty and truth and the higher, finer things of life the way a hummingbird seeks out sugar water, would be vilified by my rotten little daughters, both of whom screamed and gnashed their teeth at having to stop the van for THIRTY WHOLE SECONDS so that I could point and shoot.

And I didn't win at cards, either. But it is a really nice picture, isn't it?


Kayte said...

How sure to thank M & A for me, you know how I love flowers!

Amy said...

Beautiful! Reminds me of one I took in Connersville last fall.