Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here's a picture of my husband starting off on his morning walk with the dogs and it was not a happy one, as evidenced by the fact that both dogs are in the process of having a cow. As it turned out, another dog-walker was just getting ready to walk by our house and that dog went insane with the barking and then our dogs went insane with the barking and when the three of them got back to the house, panting, disheveled and a little wild around the eye, my husband said:

"Please listen to me. When these dogs die? Let's not get any more. Okay?"

Not a good start to the day. Cesar Milan, we need youuuuu...

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Kayte said...

Vash and Pippin are the same way, especially Vash. Whenever he sees another dog, it's like "You or me, Buster, and I'm thinking ME!!!!" He's 10 inches tall and has no fear...dogs five times his size just look at him like he's nuts. He is, you know, absolutely nuts. I have expressed the same sentiments to all men around here..."there will be no replacement pets." I hope I stick to it.